Information for Photographers

General Information:

We know taking pictures at the farm is a family tradition, and you are more than welcome to snap pictures of your family during your outing. However, each year we get more and more calls from professional photographers asking if we can accommodate their sessions at our farm. We have created the following options for photographers that minimizes interference with the operations of our farm during peak season.

Fixed-Fee Photo Sessions:

The photographer pays a fixed fee for the opportunity to host as many or few clients as they like during a 3-hour session. This is available by appointment only on days that the farm is not open for full service. Pricing is $295 per 3-hour session.

Per-Family Photo Sessions:

The photographer pays nothing, and each client will pay $59 per session. Each client will receive a $59 non-transferrable voucher which can used towards the price of any tree. These sessions are scheduled by appointment only on days the farm is open for full service, and are not available the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Come with your Client when they get their Tree:

If you only have one client on a particular day, and they plan to buy their Christmas tree from us at the same time as your session, you are welcome to meet that client at our farm and take photos as they select their tree. There is no appointment needed and this is available any day the farm is open for full or self serve.