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  • Can I come with/as a photographer and take holiday photos?
    We allow all families to take their own photos while they shop. If you are interested in a professional shoot please see our Information for Photographers page.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Yes! We love dogs and they are very welcome. We just ask you to keep them on a leash and pick up after them. Ask us if you need poop bags!
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes! We take cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and ApplePay. You can pay by cash, card and check in any of our satellite fields during our regular farm season full-service hours. If you come outside of our regular hours you can still pay by cash, check and card at our house. Just call us ahead of time to arrange.
  • Do I need to bring my own saw?
    You are welcome to bring your own saw, but you are not required to do so. We loan out bow saws free of charge. They are easy to carry and work pretty well. You are welcome to bring gas or battery-powered saws if you like.
  • How can I haul my own tree?
    All types of vehicles have been used to haul trees; cars, trucks, trailers, etc. Some of our customers have hauled trees on top of, or inside of their cars, mini-vans or SUV's. Members of our staff are able to help load trees onto or inside cars, but it will be your responsibility to tie it down with provided twine or your own straps.
  • Can I drive around the farm in my own vehicle?
    The short answer is no, but the longer answer can sometimes be yes! Please come and talk to one of our greeters at the main farm building on Jerusalem Rd to talk more. As you can appreciate, during main season it is often very busy on the farm with children, adults and dogs running around. To prevent accidents and keep you safe we prefer that you park in one of our parking sites and walk to your tree. Sometimes during quieter times we might be able to drive you to a good spot in one of our vehicles. We always want to help you where we can so please chat to us about your needs.
  • How do I know who to talk to on the farm?
    All of our employees wear red fleece jackets. We also have Greeter Stations at each of our sites - at the main farm our Greeter Station is located near the big red barn and close to the parking.
  • Is there a minimum tree price?
    The minimum price we charge for a tree is $69 plus tax. We have a minimum price so that you can cut any size of tree you like. It takes many years for a tree to grow from a seedling to a 6ft tree so we have a minimum price to cover those years of hard work and all of our costs. You can find more information on the Pricing page.
  • Why do I have to cut the tree close to the ground?
    Tree stumps sticking out of the ground are very dangerous. At the best of times they can cause trips and falls or damage to vehicles. During the winter, when the snow falls, they become hidden and can cause serious accidents to our farm employees. While we do allow taking just the tops of trees in some fields, we'd like you to leave the lower unused potion of the tree attached to the ground.
  • Can I top a tree?
    Generally speaking we ask that you cut a tree close to the ground to prevent accidents. Sometimes, we have too many big tall trees growing in a particular area and we will allow tree topping (cutting a tree further up the trunk). Please only top trees in designated areas. If we ask you to top trees you are actually doing us a favor - we probably have tall trees that will go to waste if no one cuts them down - they sometimes have deep damage at the base for example. Always talk to a Greeter before topping a tree.
  • If I can top a tree, why can't I take the whole tree home?
    Many tree farms have too few tall trees. We are fortunate to have too many. Some of our tall trees are pretty all the way up. Those trees are great for families that want a very tall tree in their house. We believe that our price for such trees is very fair. Other trees have an ugly bottom and a pretty top. If we made people pay for every inch of these trees, nobody would ever choose them. But if we can sell just the pretty top part to a family that wants a tree the size of the pretty top part, it is a win-win. We find a home for a tree that might otherwise go to waste, and we save some of our smaller trees for future years. We have learned that we can trust our customers to make good decisions about which trees are suitable for topping, and the vast majority of our customers do a great job for us. We have had a few customers ask why they can’t take the whole tree home if they are allowed to top a tree. The best answer is that if we allowed people to do so, it would not advance our goal of finding homes for our trees with ugly bottoms and pretty tops. We would also quickly go out of business if people could cut our prettiest tall trees and pay us just $69. We therefore choose a system that allows people to cut a tree with an ugly bottom and a pretty top, and pay only for what they take home (the pretty top part of the tree). We hope that this explanation helps you to understand why we price our trees the way that we price them. We also hope that you will choose to buy a tree from us. We do understand that you are free to buy your tree elsewhere. No matter what you decide, we thank you for considering a tree from our farm. Incidentally, we do allow families to take the rest of their tree home if they want the greens, as long as it has been cut into pieces. We find that allowing this does not interfere with our goals previously stated above.
  • Are there any COVID-19 restrictions?
    We are not requiring our customers or staff to adhere to any specific social distancing or health guidelines. For those wanting a more isolated experience, please let one of our greeters know or consider coming to the farm on a self-serve day. See our Health & Safety Accommodations page for more info.
  • Do you sell lanscape trees?
    Yes we do, but it is not our main business and we do not provide the equipment to dig them out or haul them. Please see our Landscape Trees page for more details.
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