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Tree Pricing

The price of you-cut trees (the ones still growing in our fields) follows:

  • Trees 5 feet or shorter: $69

  • Trees 6 feet or taller: $12 per foot

The price is the same for all varieties of tree.

We also have some pre-cut trees that are priced as marked. Depending on the day, we may even have a few trees that are priced lower than our standard $69 you-cut minimum price.

We generally ask that you cut our trees within just a few inches of the ground, so that we get paid for the whole tree. We do have a few fields where we have too many trees growing, and some of those trees are getting too tall. In those fields you can "top" a tree, paying for and taking home only the upper portion of a full tree, and you might even be doing us a favor to do so. Done properly, taking the top of a tree helps to keep some of our older trees from going to waste, and it protects younger trees for future years. Please take a minute when you arrive at our farm to talk to a greeter and make sure that you understand where you can top a tree and where we do not want you to do so. Our greeters all wear red fleece Urquhart's Tree Farm vests.

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