Tree Pricing

If the tree has a price tag from 2017, that is the price of the tree. A 2017 price tag won’t say 2017, but the price will be dark black it will be very easy to read. If you are wondering whether it is a 2017 price tag, it is not a 2017 price tag.

If the tree does not have a price tag, or it has a price tag from a prior year (the price is faded or you can’t read the price), the cost is $59 for the first 6.5 feet or less. If the tree is 7 feet or more, the price is $9 per foot. The price is the same for all varieties.

Unpriced trees must be cut within 4 inches of the ground.

Payment may be made by cash, local check, Discover, VISA or MasterCard. No other credit cards are accepted.

Michigan sales tax is added to all sales.