Tree Cutting and Care

Location of Trees:

Within walking distance of the barn, you will find Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir, White Pine, Canaan Fir and Blue Spruce. We also have some large Blue Spruce and Frasier Fir in older fields that are not within walking distance. You may access these and other fields either by wagon ride, or by taking your vehicle together with a tag so that you can cut and tag the tree and leave it near the loading stairs to be picked up by the wagon and then return to the barn and wait for your tree to return. Ask an attendant for a tag if it is your intention to do that. Please remember to return our saws.

Saws and Carts:

Saws are available at the North end of the metal building attached to the big red barn. Be careful as the saws are very sharp. Do not allow your children to carry or use saws! Do not take a saw on the wagon - saws are provided on the wagons. Tree carts are provided for those who need assistance in moving a tree to the baling station or to your car.

After Your Tree Has Been Selected and Cut:

Bring it to the baling station (by the rear entrance to the big red barn) where one of our tree handlers will shake the tree to remove dead needles and loose debris, and the tree will then be placed in a baler and gift wrapped for your trip home. Baling makes it easier to handle the tree, to get it into the house and to put it in the stand. Some very large trees may be too large to be baled. After your tree is baled you will be given a numbered tag and the pricing information to take to the cashier inside the barn. Pay for your tree before loading it in your vehicle. Your tree will be ready for pickup at the East end of the barn. Your tag number identifies your tree.

Tying Your Tree to Your Car or in the Trunk of Your Car:

There is a twine dispenser at the East end of the barn. Help yourself and use as much as you need.

Care of Your Tree:

Immediately before putting the tree in your stand, we recommend that you cut off approximately 1/2" from the base of the stump so the tree will be able to take water. The stump of a tree may seal quite quickly after it has been cut and will not take water in adequate quantities if it is not re-cut. Keep water in your stand at all times to prolong needle retention of the tree and prevent the tree from drying out in the warm, dry air in your home. If it runs dry the stump may seal over. Do not place a tree over or near a heat source. All of our trees should have good needle retention if these instructions are followed.

Finally, and most importantly, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope to see you next year. If you are pleased with your tree, we would also appreciate you telling your friends about us.

See you next year!

Brian and Sue Urquhart