Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer

We ask that all customers try to bring their own face mask for use in any areas of the farm where you are coming into contact with people outside of your own group or family. We will have face masks available for people that have forgotten one. All of our employees will be wearing face masks and will be checked each morning for Covid-19 symptoms.

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the farm at contact points such as port-a-potty's, saw and cart collection areas, and in the gift shop. There will also be sanitizing stations set up so that you can access cleaning products in case you wish to do more. 

Social Distancing

We are very fortunate to have over 300 acres of land to spread our customers out on. We also recognize that there are areas within the farm where lines and bottle necks sometimes occur. In order to spread people out we will be doing some things very differently in 2020:

  • We will aim to greet everyone in their car

  • We will have maps and instructions available to download online through a QR code or print from home as a PDF

  • Tractor rides will only be available for single groups at a time and based on availability (full-service days only)

  • We are opening new fields which can be accessed from new locations. See the Maps and Directions Page for more details, as well as our Hours Page for details on what is open when

  • We will have an outdoor gift shop with almost all of the items that you have previously found inside so that you don't have to enter the barn

  • Entry to the big red barn will be from a different place this year but it will be well signposted. Our old barn entrance will be for staff only this year

  • Our refreshments will be different - see below for more details

  • We will have more places where you can pay for a tree with contactless credit card solutions or checks. We will also limit the use of cash and only have coin change available at a couple of locations

  • We will aim to check you out with your tree without you having to put down your car window or get out of your car. Just hold your paid tag up to your car window and our staff in red fleece vests will do the rest!

  • There will be more twine stations available to prevent queuing to tie down your tree


Above all, we want you to have a great visit and we also ask you to be patient with us as we are all learning how to run a business during a global pandemic.


We will not be serving hot drinks, but we will have cold cans of pop and water for sale, as well as pre-packaged cookies, chips, and candy. We know how much you love to have a hot cocoa, hot cider, or cup of coffee, but this year we need to do things a little differently in order to keep you and our staff members safe. There will be two refreshment stands this year - one inside the barn and one at the outdoor retail area. Both will be self-serve and you can pay for refreshments along with other items.